All white walls or a colorful utopia? When it comes to painting your home, making the decision about what to do can be a really big challenge. For many, it’s an incredibly daunting task. Have you ever painted a room only to find that you don’t like the color? Even if you tape swatches of paint colors to the wall to choose, the end result often ends up looking much different than you imagined it would.

At Scout Mortgage, your go-to mortgage brokers in Scottsdale, we’re dedicated to helping people find a home that they’ll genuinely enjoy living in. But for many, even the perfect home requires some personal touches, and what better way to make a house a home than with a fresh coat of paint? In today’s post, we’ll be sharing a few tips for what you can do to make sure you get the color just right. Keep reading to learn more!

A Few Suggestions When Painting Your Home

Utilize Your Resources

Do you love watching home remodeling and design shows? If so, pull up an episode that you particularly enjoyed and take a closer look at the color palette that was utilized. If you’re on Instagram, do some research on hashtags to look at for a bit of inspiration. Sign up for an account on Pinterest and search for colors. The sky’s the limit, so use all of the resources at your disposal!

Pick Up a Sample

Once you’ve narrowed it down a bit, head over to your local paint store and pick up some color samples and a few cheap paint brushes. Spend a bit of time putting these colors on your walls. This is the absolute best way to see what works best for your space, and it’s important to look at throughout the day to make sure you like the color regardless of how much light there is.

Give It a Few Days

Last, but not least, leave the samples on the wall for a few days and see if your initial thoughts change at all. If they do, it might be worth reevaluating; if not, go ahead and paint the entire room! After all, if you love it a few days later, you’re sure to appreciate it for many years to come.

The Scottsdale Mortgage Brokers You Can Count On

Are we interior design specialists? No, but we’ve seen enough homes and worked with enough people to know what works. At the end of the day, we believe that our clients deserve to live in homes that they really enjoy, and one of the easiest ways to enjoy your home more is to paint it in a color that works for you. Whether that means splashes of color or shades of white is up to you.

Either way, our team of mortgage brokers is here to help you get into the right house for your needs. Contact us today for expert guidance, hassle-free approvals, and lightning-fast closings, and rest assured that you’re in good hands with the experts at Scout Mortgage.