As the go-to mortgage brokers in Scottsdale, our team has seen its fair share of new homes. There’s nothing quite as exciting as closing on a home and moving your belongings into it. In no time at all, it becomes uniquely yours! For many people, it’s a combination of figuring out where to put the things they love and purchasing new items that better suit their new space.

Needless to say, having seen so many people move into new homes over the years, we’ve picked up on the things that we think every new home should have sooner than later. What are those things, you ask? As a matter of fact, we’ll be sharing them in today’s post! If you’re getting ready to move into your new living space and you want a few tips on how to quickly make it feel like home, keep reading to learn more!

Your New Home Should Have…


Although it might sound like a superfluous thing to many, we think that one of the best things you can do when settling into your home is to buy some flowers, throw them in your favorite vase, and set them on your dining table. It’s a little thing that almost instantly makes a space feel homier, allowing you to feel at home even while you’re still unpacking everything else.


Whether it’s a painting that you’ve had for years or a new piece of art that you purchased specifically because of how you could envision it in your new space, we recommend getting some art up on your walls. Adding some unique personality to a new space ensures that it starts feeling like your space instead of a space in no time at all.


Everyone dreams of having a house that is comfortable and cozy, and after a long day (or days) of getting settled into your new home, you just want to collapse onto the couch and relax. What better way to do that than with a cozy blanket? Make sure it has a pleasing pattern or color and before you know it, your new house will feel like home.

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