If you’re a homeowner, chances are that you’ve heard a fair bit about how now is a great time to refinance. The good news? That’s still true! Although the big refinancing boom started earlier this summer, interest rates are still lower than they’ve been in quite some time. That means that even if you purchased your home less than a year ago, refinancing might make sense for you.

In today’s post, the team of mortgage brokers at Scout Mortgage will be breaking down some of the facts to help provide you with a bit more clarity. Of course, the best thing you can do is to schedule a time to meet with us. We’re proud of our no-hassle approach to refinancing and you’ll find that we won’t try to push you one way or another. At the end of the day, we’ll just provide you with the facts. Keep reading to learn more or feel free to contact us today if you’d like to start refinancing your home loan.

Take Advantage of Low Rates

Currently, mortgage rates are hovering at right around 4%, although the final number for your specific loan will depend on a number of different factors. Consider that three decades ago, interest rates were as high as 18%; you’ll quickly see how great things are right now! 

For some, the goal of refinancing a mortgage is to save a bit on their monthly payment. This makes sense, of course, because who doesn’t like spending less money? Even lowering your interest rate a fraction of a percent can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars depending on your current loan payment. 

Others refinance because they’ve gained a substantial amount of equity in their home and they’re looking to cash out. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to refinance, it is certainly worth sitting down with one of our independent mortgage brokers. We’ll work alongside you to ensure that you end up with a payment that meets your needs. As we mentioned, there are plenty of advantages to refinancing and we’d love to take a look at your situation to let you know how we can help make your life a little bit better.

Put Your Trust in Scout Mortgage

Known in Scottsdale and the surrounding area for our hassle-free approvals, expert guidance, and lightning-fast closings, our goal is first and foremost to provide you with a pleasant experience at every step of the way. 

We know that diving back into the loan process isn’t something a lot of people are eager to do, but we have toog news — paperwork for refinancing is much simpler, and Scout Mortgage goes above and beyond to make it all as easy on you as possible. We’ll even bring the final paperwork to your door for you to sign. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Is refinancing now the best choice for you? There’s only one way to find out. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and rest assured that when you choose our team, you’ll be in good hands. We look forward to hearing from you!