If you’ve been following along with our recent blogs then you may have noticed that we’ve shared tips for new homeowners, the importance of getting prequalified for a mortgage, and what you can do to refinance. As your go-to Scottsdale mortgage brokers we’re dedicated to helping make your homebuying experience as simple as possible.

But what about the experience of selling your home? It’s true that having a well-staged home can make all the difference in the world, but you might not have the budget or the desire to bring in a professional. So what can the average person do to stage their home in order to help is sell more quickly? The team at Scout Mortgage has a few tips for oyu in today’s post, so keep reading to learn more!

How to Stage Your Home Effectively

Although some would argue that it’s best to sell a home when no one is living in it, the reality is that many people need to live in their current homes during the selling process. Fortunately these tips can help you to strike the perfect balance.

Keep It Clean

First and foremost, be sure to keep your house clean for showings. Because you never know when someone will want to stop by, the goal is to stay on top of this one. That means that dishes always go in the dishwasher, shoes go in the closet, the trash gets taken out, and the bathrooms stay cleaned.

A little effort makes a big difference and if you can stay on top of cleaning each day it is easy to make potential buyers fall in love with your home.

Keep It Clutter Free

This one might go without saying, but do your best to get rid of any clutter in your home. Try to look at it from an outsider’s perspective. You could even go so far as to ask a friend to come in and point out things that he or she notices.

Take the opportunity to start packing for your upcoming move now by boxing up items you won’t need and storing them in the basement. Potential buyers are likely to forgive a basement that is full of boxes, but they might not be as prepared to look past obvious clutter in your home.

Keep It Personal

As we mentioned above, the goal is to strike a balance. You want others to be able to picture how their things might fit into your home, but you don’t want to have so much stuff that this is impossible.

You can keep artwork or photos that have meaning to you while decorating a space with obvious care. At the end of the day, buyers will be more likely to love a home that they can tell has the touch of a loving person currently living in it. Oh, and don’t forget to let in as much natural light as possible!

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