blog-beauty-template-psdthin-banner1200x300While most of the country is forced to set their clocks back an hour later in the fall to observe daylight saving time, most of the state of Arizona forgoes that extra hour of sleep. The upside for Arizona residents is that they also do not lose an hour of sleep in the springtime when the rest of the country sets their clocks an hour later. However, there are so many more upsides to not observing daylight saving time. Most people would agree that daylight saving is a bummer and that the state of Arizona is onto something by refusing to conform to this standard. Why exactly does most of the state of Arizona not observe this standard and who in Arizona follows daylight savings time?

Why Daylight Savings?

Daylight savings was first introduced during World War I in an effort to save fuel. Although most of Arizona observed this time standard, Maricopa County refused to go along with it. Therefore, in 1919, Phoenix observes a different time zone from the rest of the state. After World War I ended, Arizona stopped conforming to daylight savings time.

World War II

In 1942, another period of War Time began under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II. Once again, the state of Arizona moved to daylight saving time, with some parts of the state observing Pacific Daylight Time and some parts of the state observing Mountain Daylight Time. When the war ended, the state stopped observing daylight saving again, and most parts of the state observed Mountain Standard Time. However, there was quite a bit of confusion because some of the western parts of Arizona adopted Pacific Standard Time instead.

Uniform Time Act Of 1966

In 1966, the Uniform Time Act was passed, which set a schedule for daylight saving. In 1967, Arizona observed daylight saving from April to October, and everybody hated it. In fact, residents reacted so negatively to daylight savings that the state never observed daylight savings again. After all, the desert heat is so high in the summer that people would rather not have an additional hour of sunlight.

The Reintroduction Of Daylight Savings

In January of 2015, Representative Phil Lovas introduced a bill that proposed establishing daylight savings time back into the state of Arizona. People were shocked and outraged and wanted to throw rotten tomatoes at this lawmaker, and he quickly withdrew his bill.

Are We Safe From Daylight Saving?

Some people question whether the state of Arizona will ever adopt daylight saving time again, and the answer most likely is no. The state adopted daylight saving during times of war but quickly dropped this standard as soon as the wars were over. That one summer in 1967 was so awful for Arizona residents that they never observed daylight saving again. With such strong reactions and opposition, we simply do not anticipate ever adopting daylight saving again.

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