wonderful-arizona-thinLocated in Scottsdale, our mortgage brokers at Scout Mortgage absolutely love the state of Arizona. If you venture out into the great city of Phoenix, you might find that most of its residents moved to the city from elsewhere and are here to stay. Many people flock to our great state to escape the ice and snow of colder climates. For those of you who don’t mind heat so much but can’t stand humidity, this might be the place for you. Today, we would like to discuss why Arizona is the most wonderful state to live in.

Daylight Wasting Time

Remember those days of resetting your clocks because of Daylight Savings Time? Most of the state of Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, which means that you will never gain nor lose an hour of sleep. This also means that you will never walk into work an hour late on Monday because you totally forgot to reset your clocks. You know those awful winter days that start getting dark as early as 4:30? We don’t know what that’s like in this part of the country.

Grid System

Have you ever driven in a city without a grid system such as Atlanta? It can be confusing and downright scary, even with the help of your Smartphone GPS. However, the city of Phoenix is laid out in a gridded pattern for ease of navigation that is much appreciated by locals as well as tourists.


Sonoran Hot Dogs

One of the famous culinary delights for meat lovers in Arizona is the Sonoran Hot Dog, which is believed to have originated in Tucson. Basically, this is a bacon-wrapped hot dog served on a crispy bun that is topped with pinto beans, chopped onions, tomatoes and jalapenos. Not for the faint of heart, these hot dogs are truly delicious.

The Diamondbacks Beat The Yankees In 2001

Here in Arizona, we love our major league baseball, and many teams including the Colorado Rockies flock to our state for spring training. Back in 2001, almost the entire country rejoiced after the Diamondbacks beat the most hated team in baseball in the World Series. The New York Yankees are as despised as football’s New England Patriots are today, so everyone loves watching them lose.

Wine Country

Wine lovers rejoice: you don’t have to travel all the way to California to experience the wine country. We have a variety of wineries throughout the state here in Arizona, and our wines are simply delicious!


It’s true that most people think of New York and Chicago as great pizza meccas in the United States. However, Phoenix features a delicious pizza restaurant, Pizza Bianco, which is famous for its pizza. The pizza here has been listed as Rachael Ray’s top four favorites in the country and it was listed as the Third Best Pizza in America by the Daily Meal. Are you hungry yet?

We’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg as far as covering what makes Arizona so wonderful. If you are moving to Arizona, our Scottsdale mortgage brokers can help you find the best mortgage rates today. Contact Scout Mortgage for a free prequalification.