Although your mother thought that you would never grow up, you pleasantly surprised her in so many ways. Although you may have been a rotten teenager, you still managed to graduate from high school, much to her relief. You experienced some struggles and hiccups during your college years, but you graduated, even if you took your time doing it. Following college, you definitely worked some pretty lousy jobs, which didn’t thrill her but she was content that you were at least employed and able to pay your bills. Once you finally obtained decent employment, she held her breath to see if you would actually last at your place of employment. Following a few years of gainful employment and financial stability, you’re finally ready to grow some roots and settle into a home of your own. As excited as you are feeling about the prospects of home ownership, you are also nervous about the level of responsibility involved as well as your financial obligations. What do you need to know about procuring a new mortgage? Our mortgage specialists at Scout Mortgage are happy to help you navigate the entire process, and we would like to extend some helpful information regarding new mortgages here:

Mortgage Brokers Vs. Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lenders work directly for a financial institution, so if you approach a lender for a loan, you will undergo a lengthy application process. Filling out a seemingly endless mortgage application is time-consuming and confusing. If you want to apply to several different mortgage lenders to shop around for the best mortgage rates, you’ll be required to fill out a separate application for each lender. However, our mortgage brokers make the entire process much shorter and easier, and we have access to several different competing financial institutions to find you the best rates. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you by filling out the paperwork for you, saving you valuable time.

Our Access To Mortgage Lenders

You may not be aware that some mortgage lenders only work specifically with mortgage brokers. In order to find the best rates for you, our mortgage brokers shop around with as many different mortgage lenders as possible. The more choices available to you, the better rate you will find.

What Sets Us Apart As Mortgage Brokers

During the financial recession, mortgage brokers gained a bad reputation because some of them took advantage of their clients. These mortgage brokers receive commissions based on the types of loans that they provided for their clients, even if they had bad rates. Our mortgage specialists at Scout Mortgage are salary-based to ensure that you receive the best mortgage loan rates no matter what. The consumer has been getting ripped off for years, and our mortgage loan company would like to put an end to such a practice. Our integrity lies in our name, which comes from the popular novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. Our company is named after Scout Finch, the young girl who stood up for her beliefs even though her high moral standards weren’t popular. Contact our mortgage loan company in Scottsdale to find the right mortgage rates to fit your budget and lifestyle today.