1. Mortgage Tips for Self-Employed Individuals

    Are you self-employed and you would like to purchase a house? You’ll need to qualify for a mortgage first, which can be a little trickier process than usual. Although the process can be more difficult than for others, self-employed people can obtain mortgages as well. Here are some things you’ll need to know in order to qualify for a mortgage if you’re self-employed: Your Last Two Tax Return…Read More

  2. Scout Mortgage

    Scout Mortgage has been serving Arizona homebuyers since 1999 – whether it’s Conventional loans, FHA loans, HARP 2 Refi loans, FHA Streamlines or other new purchase or refinance loans – Scout Mortgage works with Arizona homeowners to secure the absolute best loan option at the lowest possible rates and costs. Company founders, John Mangels and Steve Walsh, created Scout Mortgage using a diff…Read More

  3. Arizona FHA Streamline

    Scout Mortgage works with Arizona homeowners to refinance their existing FHA home mortgage loan, lowering both the monthly mortgage payment and interest rate. In order to take advantage of the FHA Streamline Refinance, Arizona homeowners must qualify for the following: Have an FHA home loan Have an excellent payment history on the mortgage, paid on time and in full for the previous twelve months O…Read More

  4. Arizona Homeowners can now benefit from HARP 2

    The crazy real estate market impacted Arizona homeowners and hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country.  In effort to help homeowners that owed more on their mortgage than the value of the property, the government created Home Affordable Refinance Program, also known as HARP. The one downfall to HARP was it had a major restriction – only homeowners that owed as much as 125% of the …Read More

  5. Arizona Borrowers Bill of Rights

    At Scout Mortgage, we are committed to providing excellent mortgage new purchase and refinance options for Arizona homeowners by securing the best loan option at the lowest possible rate and costs. But more important than the mortgage services we provide for our clients, it’s how we work that sets us apart. At Scout Mortgage, integrity is our keyword. We are dedicated to honesty and openness in …Read More

  6. Arizona Mortgage Rates on the Rise with the Gfee Increase

    While the Federal Government’s  plan to keep mortgage rates near historic all time lows is working for the time being, an upcoming tax on loans guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is certain to result in higher mortgage rates for consumers. Last month, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the regulatory body for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, announced it will be increasing it’s G-Fee…Read More

  7. Fall is the best time for Arizonans looking to refinance or purchase a new home

    Arizonans looking to purchase a new home or refinance their existing home mortgage will be happy to know that rates tend to be lower in the Fall than an other time of the year, according to Dan Green on the Daily Mortgage Report. Phoenix, Arizona was one of the hardest hit real estate markets, the historic low rates and implementation of the following four plans have helped Arizonans secure some o…Read More

  8. Common Arizona Mortgage Mistakes

    House shopping in Arizona can be a roller coaster ride – from choosing the best Phoenix neighborhood, to selecting the best home for your family. But throughout the entire Arizona house-hunting process, nothing can seem more daunting than the mortgage process. At Scout Mortgage, we work with our Arizona house-shoppers to make the mortgage process as easy and helpful as possible. From providing a…Read More

  9. Shop Arizona Home Market with Confidence

    The Arizona real estate market has been anything but steady during the last seven years. Arizona homebuyers have to consider the pros and cons of purchasing new builds, foreclosures, short sells and traditional resell homes. With some incredible real estate deals still available in Arizona, bidding wars are not uncommon. At Scout Mortgage, we provide a complimentary pre-qualification, allowing hom…Read More

  10. Home Buying Tips

    Whether you're searching for your first home, moving up, or downsizing, the purchase of a home is a major financial commitment.  Don't let the excitement of looking for your dream home prevent you from following these tips...…Read More