1. Make the Resolution to Buy a Home in 2019

    With the new year just around the corner, people all across the country are looking back at 2018 to take stock of successes and failures alike. If you’re anything like most people, chances are that you’re doing the same. Many of us accomplished our goals, and many also found that some goals are harder to achieve than others. Whether your resolution was to eat healthier and be more active, take…Read More

  2. 3 Tips for Hosting a Great Holiday Party

    With the holidays just around the corner, people all across the United States are gearing up for hosting their parties for friends and family. This makes sense, of course, because this is the perfect time to get together and show the people you’re closest to some love. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to invite people over to a new home. As the best mortgage brokers in Scottsdale, we’ve hel…Read More

  3. The Things You’ll Have to Do After Buying a New Home That You Might Not Be Thinking About

    At Scout Mortgage, we’ve been providing low mortgage rates and great service for nearly two decades. With the end of the year just around the corner, we’re happy to announce that in a few short months we’ll have been doing what we love for 20 years. We couldn’t be happier about this! As your go-to Scottsdale mortgage brokers, our team is here to help your homebuying experience go smoothly.…Read More

  4. The Documents You Should Have Ready Before Purchasing a Home

    If you’re interested in purchasing your first home, first of all, congratulations! Homeownership is a big step to take, but it’s one that many people find is incredibly rewarding. After all, there’s nothing in the world quite like having a place to call your own. You get to decide how it looks and how you’ll use it, and it doesn’t get much better than turning the corner, pulling into you…Read More

  5. A Few Tips for a Cozy Living Space

    As your go-to Scottsdale mortgage brokers, we know a thing or two about the homebuying experience. In the process of getting free appraisals from the team at Scout Mortgage, people often share with us their plans for their new living spaces. There’s nothing more exciting than hearing what people have in store for their homes, and over the years we have gathered quite a bit of insight into what m…Read More

  6. Staging Your Home Well Could Mean a Faster Sale

    If you’ve been following along with our recent blogs then you may have noticed that we’ve shared tips for new homeowners, the importance of getting prequalified for a mortgage, and what you can do to refinance. As your go-to Scottsdale mortgage brokers we’re dedicated to helping make your homebuying experience as simple as possible. But what about the experience of selling your home? It’s …Read More

  7. 3 Things New Homeowners Should Keep in Mind

    Buying a home is an incredibly exciting experience. As a matter of fact, many people will describe it as a bit of a whirlwind. Once you’ve spoken to one of our Scottsdale mortgage brokers and gotten the ball rolling the truth is that it gains speed pretty quickly. When your budget is set, you can start looking for homes, put in an offer, and then go through the closing process. While you’re go…Read More

  8. Buying a Home? Here’s How to Plan For Your Move

    As your go-to Scottsdale mortgage brokers, the team at Scout Mortgage has talked to our fair share of people about their experiences with moving. And believe it or not, the average person moves over ten times throughout the course of their life. That’s quite a bit of stuff to move! Whether you’re moving your items from one part of town to another or all the way across the country it’s import…Read More

  9. The Importance of Getting Prequalified

    In our last blog, we discussed a few of the steps that you can take once you have decided that you’d like to start the process of buying a new home. To quickly recap, we’ll just say that our best piece of advice is to write out your own budget to get a better idea of how you’re currently spending your money, because the truth is that it might surprise you. The next step in the process? Worki…Read More

  10. Do You Know How to Budget For a New Home?

    Making the decision to buy a home is an exciting one. It’s also a bit overwhelming, because whether you’ve bought a home before or not, there are a lot of moving pieces that all seem to be spinning at different speeds, making the whole situation a little difficult to balance. Fortunately, the truth is that with a little bit of planning, you’ll be balancing everything perfectly before you kno…Read More