1. Different Architecture Styles in Arizona

    Are you looking to buy a home in Arizona? Our state possesses the unique beauty of the desert, which features a landscape that is both harsh and beautiful. With very little rainfall, Arizona homes offer shelter from both the extreme heat, dryness, and sunlight that characterizes the climate. Northern parts of Arizona, such as Flagstaff and Sedona experience cooler temperatures in the winter and ar…Read More

  2. Why Using a Mortgage Lender is Not the Best Option

    Unfortunately, when the economic recession hit our US economy a few years ago, mortgage brokers received a bad reputation. Unscrupulous mortgage lenders took advantage of their clients by setting them up with higher mortgage rates and fees than necessary so that the brokers landed bigger, fatter paychecks. Our mortgage brokers at Scout Mortgage despise such dishonest practices, and our salary-base…Read More

  3. Is Now The Right Time To Sell Your Home?

    You’ve lived in your home for many years and you love it, but you are considering moving on. Your beloved home has witnessed your family grow and evolve and it holds precious memories. Few feelings beat the emotions people feel when they really love their home. No matter what kind of craziness happens in the outside world, home is where you can kick off your shoes and recharge your batteries.We …Read More

  4. Which Type of Home Is Best For You?

    Do you feel like you are ready to make one of the most important investments of your life by buying a home? Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Investing in a home doesn’t just mean buying a house. You could also buy a townhouse or a condo, so it’s important to invest in a home that fits your budget, your lifestyle, and your personal tastes. After all, you will most likely be stuck wit…Read More

  5. Tips For Buying A Townhouse

    Are you considering buying a townhouse? Townhouses have been around for centuries in Europe, and they are a popular choice amongst Americans as well. Originally, townhouses were row houses in the heart of cities such as London, New York, and San Francisco. However, townhouses today can be located anywhere from bustling city centers to quieter suburban areas. In Europe, townhouses were originally a…Read More

  6. Tips For Buying A Condo

    Are you in the market for a condominium? Buying a condo involves a different process than buying a house. When you own a condo, you are buying a unit in a multi-unit development. Similar to apartment living, you might have to share hallways, entryways, and community amenities. Owning a condo can be a wonderful experience when you make the right purchase. However, because condos are still a part of…Read More

  7. Is Refinancing Right for You?

    Are you interested in refinancing your mortgage? Refinancing can offer great benefits for homeowners, so let’s discuss the benefits to see if it might be a good for you: Reduce the Term of Your Mortgage With interest rates at record lows, it might benefit you to refinance your loan, changing a 30 year loan to a 15 year loan. Our mortgage calculator helps estimate the cost of your new loan, and b…Read More

  8. Tips for Applying for a Mortgage

    Are you considering purchasing your first home? You will most likely need to apply for a mortgage, so here are some tips to prepare you for a mortgage application: Pay Off as much Debt as Possible First When mortgage lenders look into your finances, it benefits you to keep your debt-to-income ratio as low as possible. Any debt, including credit card debt, student loan debt, and car payments can af…Read More

  9. Why You Should Retire in Arizona

    Over the years, Arizona has emerged as a retirement haven for many folks in their golden years. In fact, Arizona’s affordable housing costs combined with the elimination of taxes on Social Security Income, inheritance taxes, gift taxes, or estate taxes make this the ideal state for retirement. Here are some other reasons why retirees flock to Arizona: The Weather Many retirees from cold, rainy o…Read More

  10. Why We Love Scottsdale

    With its sunshine and Old West vibe, our mortgage loan company loves Scottsdale. If you’ve never visited this wonderful destination, you might question why anyone would want to live in the harsh desert. Each day, we help people find the best mortgage rates when they are purchasing their homes in this lovely town and throughout all of Arizona. Let’s explore the reasons why people love living in…Read More