stage-thin-banner-1200x300-12-15-16Are you in the market for a new home? As exciting as buying a new home is, you will have to sell your current home first. You want to stage your home perfectly so that buyers are attracted to your house in a sea of houses for sale. Think about the qualities that drew you to the house in the first place and enhance them. Here are some great tips for staging your house so that you can sell it as quickly as possible.

Professional Photos

Many buyers begin their real estate search without even stepping foot outside. When doing an online search, an MLS feed brings up all the available homes for sale in the area. If buyers like what they see, they may then schedule an appointment to view the house or attend an open house event. With so much at stake, poor quality pictures could prevent a future sale. Make sure that you take high resolution and well-lit photos of your home, and you might even consider hiring a professional photographer.

Curb Appeal

If a buyer likes the pictures they view of your home on the internet, they might want to drive through the neighborhood to scope out your house. Your home’s curb appeal is the next quality that could make or break a sale. If you have a driveway, power wash the concrete to make it appear like new. Remove any debris or toys from the yard to reduce unattractive clutter. Make sure that your exterior is well lit in case you show your house in the evenings. If you have a front porch, make it as visually appealing as possible because it is such a great selling point. A fresh coat of paint paired with a couple of great pieces of furniture can visually transform a porch.

Repaint The Interior And Exterior Of Your Home

Remember, first impressions make a huge difference for buyers. Peeling paint or outdated paint colors turn people off. Have you ever seen a home that would have been absolutely gorgeous if it wasn’t painted mustard yellow and pea green? A house like that will have a hard time selling.

Clean That House Like A Boss

stage-side-inner-image-12-15-16Dirt and grime make an otherwise beautiful house appear disgusting, which is certainly an emotion that you do not want your potential buyers to feel when they walk through your home. Clean all surfaces, including windows, tile, grout, windows, baseboards, and flooring. If cleaning your entire house is daunting, then hire professional cleaners to tackle the task.

Remove All Clutter

You want for your home to appear as open, spacious, and inviting as possible, which means that you need to clear out ALL your clutter. For many of you, you will have to rent a storage unit to keep your personal belongings in. House shoppers love seeing ample storage space in their potential homes, so removing clutter will emphasize the different places they can use to keep their belongings.

Depersonalize Your Home- To A Certain Point

Definitely remove all your personal keepsakes, knick knacks, and any religious or spiritual artifacts from your home. When a buyer examines your home, you want for them to visualize their belongings in your home, so put away that Virgin Mary statue. However, you want to add enough design elements to make your home visually appealing. Fresh flowers always beautify the space as well as strategically placed throw pillows and blankets. Try to beautify the space without adding clutter.

Set Your Dining Room Table

If you have a dining room, you definitely want to set the dining room table to make the space feel more inviting.

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