prescott-top-banner-012617Living in Scottsdale certainly has its perks. From the Wild West feel of Old Town to its plethora of amazing galleries, Scottsdale is a truly unique area. With over 330 days of sunshine a year, people flock to Scottsdale to escape the gloominess of northern winters. As much as we love our city, sometimes we need to get away for a little while. When you buy a vacation home, you can escape the stress of your everyday life and rejuvenate your body and soul over holidays and long weekends. Have you ever considered buying a vacation home in Prescott? Located less than 100 miles northwest of Phoenix, Prescott is a truly unique town. Let’s explore some of the highlights of this beautiful area:

Water Activities

Especially in the summer months, people love to escape the oppressive heat of the desert. When the temperatures skyrocket over 100 degrees, many of us would resort to extreme measures just to jump into a body of water. Luckily, Prescott is close to several bodies of water, including Lynx Lake and Watson Lake. Lynx Lake is situated in the Bradshaw Mountains located just a few miles southeast of Prescott. Although Lynx Lake is a relatively small body of water, it remains a favorite place for city slickers to escape the heat.

prescott-side-page-content-image-012617Watson Lake Park is another wonderful place in which to escape the desert heat. Unfortunately, you cannot swim in this lake, but you can enjoy a boating or fishing adventure here. Not only that, this park includes overnight camping spots as well as some great hiking trails.


For the inquisitive types, the city of Prescott features a variety of museums to enjoy, including the Smoki Museum, the Phippen Museum, and the Sharlot Hall Museum. The Smoki Museum holds an extensive collection of Native American artifacts from the Smoki Tribe. The Sharlot Hall Museum is an open-air museum that documents the folklore and the history of Yavapai County. The Phippen Museum features a variety of exhibits that include a permanent gallery of western history. Some of the Western art work featured in this museum includes etchings, paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, and Native American artifacts.

Whiskey Row

If you love whiskey, then obviously you should check this little district out. In July of 1900, a fire destroyed an entire block in Prescott, so then locals decided to rebuild the area with about 40 saloons. At the time, Prescott was experiencing a gold rush that drew all kinds of whiskey-swilling characters such as outlaws, gamblers, cowboys, prospectors, and prostitutes. Although Prescott is now a much more civilized area, it still features a plethora of saloons for your very own Wild West experience.

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