commercial-top-banner-012617Owning your own business is a risky undertaking, so it’s best to invest wisely when investing in commercial real estate property. However, for many entrepreneurs, buying commercial property is a better investment than renting commercial property. When you own your property, you will not have to worry about your landlord hiking up the rent. Also, the value of your property could appreciate in value when you own it. When you own commercial property, you can also deduct the value of a loan from your company taxes. If you are looking to buy commercial property, here are some tips for investing as wisely as possible:

Research The Local Real Estate Market

As a business owner, the location of your commercial property could potentially make or break your business. Tax rates and land inventory vary from location to location, so it’s important to find the best area in which to house your business. Are there any environmental issues in the location that you are interested in? Another issue to consider is whether or not the area in which you are interested in has a supply of skilled workers for your business.

Sort Out Your Finances

commercial-side-page-content-image-012617The first step in which you should take if you would like to invest in commercial property is to hire an accountant to help figure out your budget. In order to land your commercial real estate loan, you will need to provide your financial records as well as evidence that your company is retaining its profits. Also, you want to shop around for the best mortgage rates, which is where our independent mortgage brokers come in. We work with a variety of different mortgage lenders so that you can acquire the best mortgage loan rates available. Our salaried mortgage professionals do not work for commission in order to ensure that you get the best deal available.

Consult The Experts Regarding Taxes

Real estate transactions can be quite confusing and complex in regards to tax implications. You need to make sure that you work with an accountant who can deftly navigate the ins and outs of these complex taxes. By consulting with a seasoned accountant, he or she can help you to determine if your investment should be a personal or corporate transaction.

Optimize Your Layout

The operational efficiency of your business is greatly affected by the layout of your commercial space. If you want to truly optimize the layout of your business, then you could consider hiring an operational efficiency expert for some extra help.


It’s highly important to hire efficient builders with a good reputation. If you have any friends or family members with commercial real estate experience, then you could ask them for some recommendations. Your builder should have ample experience, timeliness, and should be very knowledgeable.

Buying commercial property is a huge investment, but when it is done correctly it can pay off in the long run. Our mortgage loan company will help you find the best mortgage rates available for your business. Contact our mortgage brokers for a consultation today.