sedona-top-banner-012617At Scout Mortgage, we love living in Scottsdale for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest draws of our town is the constant sunshine we experience in our fantastic desert location. In fact, Scottsdale receives over 330 days of sunshine a year, so people suffering from the winter blues love this place. Many snowbirds flock to our location to escape the harsh Northern winters. As wonderful as the Scottsdale/Phoenix area is, our state features a variety of locations to escape from the city life. If you live in Scottsdale or Phoenix, one of our favorite places for a quick vacation is Sedona, Arizona. If you are thinking of investing in a vacation home, then Sedona might be the place for you. Only a few hours away from Phoenix by car, Sedona is a very convenient spot to get away from it all.

Outdoors Adventures

Sedona’s red rocks and desert landscape are truly breathtaking. If you enjoy the outdoors, then Sedona has so much to offer because it is surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land. Featuring a plethora of trails for hiking and mountain biking, Sedona is an outdoors enthusiast’s Disneyland. Sedona’s red rock formations are also a beloved site for rock climbers as well.

Escape The Heat

sedona-side-page-content-image-012617Located in a much higher elevation than Phoenix, Sedona can be a great place to escape the oppressive summer heat found in the city. Many people flock to Slide Rock State Park to cool off in the summers. The Slide Rock features a slippery creek bottom where visitors can slide down the water chute or wade in the water. Many classic Hollywood Western movies were filmed here, including the 1950 James Stewart movie Broken Arrow.

Native American History

Native Americans populated Sedona thousands of years before Western settlers moved in. Some of the Native American tribes that lived in the area include the Singua, the Yavapai, and the Apache. Many Native Americans consider the Sedona area to be sacred.

Sedona’s Energetic Vortexes

Sedona draws many spiritually-minded people because of its presence of energy vortexes. Basically, people believe that Sedona contains areas in which energy is concentrated in a swirling energy similar to a tornado. Some of the areas believed to inhabit energetic vortexes include the Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Cathedral Rock. Because of its abundance of vortexes, Sedona includes a large population of energetic healers and features many metaphysical shops.

Other Activities

You don’t have to be a spiritual seeker or an outdoors enthusiast to enjoy Sedona. This lovely town features a variety of spas for those who want to mellow out. Art lovers enjoy the plethora of galleries located in the heart of Sedona. This lovely little town also features a variety of wonderful restaurants for your enjoyment as well.

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