thin-banner-1200x300-1234Unfortunately, when the economic recession hit our US economy a few years ago, mortgage brokers received a bad reputation. Unscrupulous mortgage lenders took advantage of their clients by setting them up with higher mortgage rates and fees than necessary so that the brokers landed bigger, fatter paychecks. Our mortgage brokers at Scout Mortgage despise such dishonest practices, and our salary-based mortgage consultants ensure you that you will find the best mortgage rates for your budget and lifestyle. Today, we wanted to discuss why obtaining a mortgage through a mortgage lender at a bank is not always the best option for you.

side-inner-image-143The Process is Time Consuming

Applying for a mortgage is extremely time consuming, and you are only applying to one bank at a time. In order to find the best rate, it’s important to shop around at several institutions, which means applying over and over again. Independent mortgage brokers apply to several financial institutions for you, saving you lots of time.

The Paperwork Can Be Confusing

The loads of paperwork in applications are not only time consuming, but they can be confusing as well. A good independent mortgage broker has years of experience, including taking continuing

education courses, passing exams, and completing extensive training. Mortgage brokers understand all the fine print and help navigate you through the process without getting overwhelmed.

Our mortgage specialists at Scout Mortgage will shop around several different financial institutions for you, making the process much easier for you and ensuring that you will receive the best mortgage rates today. Contact us now for your complimentary prequalification today!