architecture-thin-banner-1200x300-12-15-16Are you looking to buy a home in Arizona? Our state possesses the unique beauty of the desert, which features a landscape that is both harsh and beautiful. With very little rainfall, Arizona homes offer shelter from both the extreme heat, dryness, and sunlight that characterizes the climate. Northern parts of Arizona, such as Flagstaff and Sedona experience cooler temperatures in the winter and are subject to snowfall. The climate of Phoenix features more sunshine than most US cities, which makes it a popular living space for people originating from the frigid climates in both the northern US and Canada. Let’s take a look at some of the popular types of houses in Arizona:

Territorial Style Homes

Territorial style homes were first found in New Mexico when it was still considered US territory around 1848 up until about 1900. Territorial architecture features thick, earth-colored stucco walls with rounded corners and were mostly one-story homes. Built around a courtyard, the stucco walls cover the adobe used as the actual building materials of the walls. Bricks are used to trim the doors and windows as well as well as for protecting the tops of exterior walls from water damage. Territorial style homes are often characterized by rows of vigas, which are wooden beams used for ornamental purposes. With a desert climate similar to that of New Mexico, Arizona features many territorial style homes.

Spanish Eclectic

architecture-side-inner-image-12-15-16A truly stunning architecture, Spanish eclectic draws from Mexican, Native American, and Spanish missionary styles. Like territorial style homes, Spanish eclectic homes feature thick walls and rounded corners. These walls can be constructed from adobe, concrete, brick, or stucco. One of the most attractive features of spanish eclectic houses are the red tile roofs. These homes feature flooring made from either tile or hardwood and “quatrefoil,” which are unique round windows. Spanish eclectic homes also feature arched entryways.

Ranch Style Houses

Beginning in the 1930s, ranch homes, also known as ramblers, were built with a focus on function while still maintaining a certain level of style. Generally, ranch houses are one story and feature a more open floor plan. Gaining immense popularity in the 1950s, ranch houses exploded onto the landscape.

Tuscan Style Houses

Modeled after the Tuscan homes found in the Italian countryside, Tuscan style homes feature a unique European flair. Tuscan homes feature stone pathways that guide you towards the wrought iron entryway of the house. The warm, light-colored walls are often decked with lots of windows with colorful shutters. Like Spanish eclectic houses, Tuscan houses include rounded entryways. However, Tuscan homes oftentimes feature wrought iron front doors as well as ceramic tile floors. Tuscan style homes can feature large wooden beams like the kivas found in territorial style homes.

Are you looking to buy a house in Arizona? Perhaps one of these styles appeal to your tastes. Contact our mortgage loan company for a free consultation with our mortgage brokers. We work hard to find the best mortgage loan rates for you so that you can find your dream home.