1. The Importance of Getting Prequalified

    In our last blog, we discussed a few of the steps that you can take once you have decided that you’d like to start the process of buying a new home. To quickly recap, we’ll just say that our best piece of advice is to write out your own budget to get a better idea of how you’re currently spending your money, because the truth is that it might surprise you. The next step in the process? Worki…Read More

  2. Do You Know How to Budget For a New Home?

    Making the decision to buy a home is an exciting one. It’s also a bit overwhelming, because whether you’ve bought a home before or not, there are a lot of moving pieces that all seem to be spinning at different speeds, making the whole situation a little difficult to balance. Fortunately, the truth is that with a little bit of planning, you’ll be balancing everything perfectly before you kno…Read More