Scout Mortgage has been serving Arizona homebuyers since 1999 – whether it’s Conventional loans, FHA loans, HARP 2 Refi loans, FHA Streamlines or other new purchase or refinance loans – Scout Mortgage works with Arizona homeowners to secure the absolute best loan option at the lowest possible rates and costs.

Company founders, John Mangels and Steve Walsh, created Scout Mortgage using a different approach – no commissioned loan officers. In the mortgage industry, commissioned loan officers often earn a percentage of the loan amount. So the loan officers make more money if the client signs at a higher interest rate. This practice is often at the detriment of the client and an unacceptable practice at Scout Mortgage.

As a mortgage broker, Scout Mortgage, shops more than 40 banks to secure you the best rates and lowest costs. Even after your loan has closed, your Scout Mortgage loan officer will continue to work for you by monitoring interest rates. If interest rates drop, your loan officer will contact you to lower your rate.

For more information about Scout Mortgage, visit our Contact Us Page, or better yet, give us a call at 480-607-7906 or toll-free at 1-877-428-4344.